VYC industrial, s.a. was organized in 1914. We are thus privileged in being considered one of pioneer companies in the design and manufacture of all types of intercepting and control valves for fluids in Spain.
The materials used to manufacture our products are strictly inspected and controlled. This, together with our advanced manufacturing system, permits us a comfortably meet the increasingly high demands of our customers.
Other controls and inspections are performed by such classification societies as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, American Bureau, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, E.C.A. and others.
Without wishing a be conceited, but with a natural satisfaction, we can safely say that the future of VYC industrial, s.a. is assured, both at home and in the highly competitive international market, thanks to our firm will to progress and the exceptional people who make up our company. What counts the most today is to have and to generate trust and confidence between our customers and ourselves. This trust and confidence is born and maintained because we create attractive products, offer competitive prices and provide the necessary information and services.
For all these reasons, the VYC mark, for our customers, is a symbol of full assurance on products of high prestige, acknowledged for their SIMPLE PERFECTION.